Monday, November 26, 2007

My New Project

It's probably the biggest challenge I've ever had to face in my life.... getting Beth to let me do her hair AND stopping her from taking it out five minutes later. She was bald for so long as a bub that she's never gotten used to me doing her hair. It gets brushed in the morning (most days) and she's finally reconciled herself to that. I had to make up a song to sing to her while I was doing it for a while but it's ok now. But as soon as I try to introduce a hairband to the mix... she either refuses outright or plays with it until it's come out of her hair. Here is Beth with some little clips in her hair. I took the photo v. quickly after I'd done it. And doesn't she look lovely? So my new task for when we're in England is to do Beth's hair every day. After six weeks hopefully she'll be used to it and it may survive intact until the end of the day. Wish me luck!

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Sara said...

Oh, I had some horrible battles with Alyssa over hair. I was so glad when she could finally do her own.