Monday, November 26, 2007


We took Beth and Barnaby to a fair at Drummoyne a couple of weekends back. It was a lovely day - sunny but with a nice breeze. We met up with our friends Mark and Tanya and their son Ollie. There were quite a few rides and the queues weren't too bad. And Beth had her face painted to be a butterfly which she loved.

At one stage, the guys went and got lunch for us whilst Tanya (3 mths pregnant) and I (breastfeeding Barney) waited with Beth and Ollie in the shade on a hill. Time passed... and Tanya noticed that Beth wasn't with us anymore. "Is Beth with Tom?" she asked. Good question. Had she gone with him? I sought Tom out and asked. No, Beth wasn't with him but he'd just heard an announcement on the loudspeaker that there was a lost little girl called "Elizabeth" at the SES stall. This turned out to be very close to where we'd been sitting. And there was Beth, all smiles, being plied with bandaids by helpful SES staff and thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention. The staff had asked Beth her name to which she'd said, "Beth". Then they asked her her last name and she had said, "Elizabeth". Tom and I are now trying to teach her to say Goodfellow and know what that means. They also asked me if my name was "Sharon" (she must have said "Shell"). And they knew she had a brother called Barnaby! So luckily Beth's first time of getting lost was not too traumatic for her.

When I was little I used to deliberately "lose" myself in large department stores because I used to like being announced. My Mum told me she'd be browsing away and wouldn't have missed me yet when she'd hear, "we have a lost little girl whose name is Michelle. She's 3 years old... etc etc". What a pain I must have been! I said lost the same way Beth now does - "wost". It's cute but I hope she doesn't develop a habit for losing herself. Especially not with our trip to London coming up. Christmas crowds on Oxford Street - it would be New Year before we found her again.


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Michelle, I remember a time when I lost Alyssa in a department store and couldn't find her anywhere! It turned out she had gone into a dressing room to hide, and couldn't get back out. I cried when one of the store clerks finally brought her to me. I had been so shaken up. Now, with two more kids and many "lost" experiences behind us, I'm much calmer - if anyone did kidnap them, it wouldn't be long before they brought them back!