Monday, November 26, 2007


Beth continues to dazzle us with her comprehension and spoken language skills. She repeats an awful lot of what we say and has an amazing memory for people, places and details. I wish my memory was as good so that I could tell you some of the cute things she comes out with. We still speak in the third person a fair bit so she'll say "Beth did ...." or "Beth is happy" or whatever. When I go into her room in the morning she greets me with a huge grin and says, "Beth still awake!" - she hasn't quite got what "still" means.

Our gorgeous girl is starting to get the usual scrapes and cuts on her knees, legs, arms etc. She has a splinter in her big toe at the moment that I'd like to try to get out but am unsure about how to do it with minimal pain for Beth. So I'm just keeping an eye on it. Beth loves her bandaids (they have Wiggles characters on them and are different colours). She's constantly asking for one. I try to ration them to one a day after her bath. She's usually taken it off by the time I go into her room in the morning.

At least she's now not getting a marshmallow for staying clean and dry during her "quiet time" in the afternoon. It used to take Beth hours to eat it; resulting in two very sticky hands and face and goodness knows what furniture copped it. Take a closer look - there's a pink marshmallow in Beth's hand in the laundry basket photo. I think she so loved getting her "special treat" that she hated it to end once she'd eaten it.


Heather M said...

Hi Michelle,

Top tip for splinters - wash the area well, then put some copydex (children friendly glue that peels off your skin easily) let it dry then pull it off. Should come out with it. If its well in there don't worry it will come out once Beth has a few baths. Heather M x

Shell said...

Cheers, I'll give that a go. xo

Shell said...
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Shell said...

Update on splinter. After a few days it was coming out enough for me to get it out with tweezers. So glad i didn't have to use a needle. Beth had a go at the tweezers too which was funny but ineffectual.