Thursday, November 1, 2007

Loving Life

The kids have been fantastic this week. Here's a few of the highlights that make all the running around and laundry worth it:
- Barney's incredibly expressive and it feels like we're having little conversations with each other. He smiles, he goos and gahs. He's almost laughing it seems. His eyes will follow me, Tom or Beth round the room. He loves the baby gym and hasn't got tired of whacking and kicking the hanging toys.
-Barney's 9 weeks old today. He had his first lot of immunisations on Monday. He was very brave, bless him. He hated the oral medicine the most. Apparently it tastes like methylated spirits so I don't blame him. The feeding, settling and sleeping are fab. He's now 5.6kgs and 61cms long (pretty long I'm told).
- Beth really likes pink singlets. She inherited a lot of them from her older cousin Annabel. Although she has some nice blue, purple and white ones too, really only a pink one will do. Her favourite pink singlet has started to tear at the neck. On Monday I had her take it off before she went to daycare - firstly because it was too hot and secondly because I thought the tear would get ripped further by her or other kids. She wasn't too happy about this turn of events. So I explained to her that I needed to fix the singlet. She nodded her head and said earnestly, "sticky tape on it". She's seen me do it with books so why not singlets?
- Beth loves to sing. She bursts into spontaneous song all the time. It's great hearing her sing to herself when she's having quiet time in her room each afternoon. At night, when she's in bed going to sleep, she'll sing "Mary had a little lamb". I like watching her play and sing when she doesn't realise I'm paying attention and then telling her how great her singing is. She's such a happy little girl.
- Lastly, we're a family that are big on cuddles, kisses and saying "I love you". Beth now reciprocates which is wonderful. I love getting on my knees, arms outstretched and her running up to me for a hug. I love saying night night to Beth and ending with "I love you" and for her to say "Love you" back as she snuggles under the covers. I love how she says, "Mah!" as she kisses me (I think I do this so she's copied it). And I love waving goodbye to her when Tom takes her to daycare and watching her blow kisses to me from the car. These are the moments that I never want to forget.

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