Monday, January 14, 2008

Having a wonderful holiday

Perhaps it was too ambitious of me to expect to blog a few times a week whilst overseas and busy catching up with family and friends.  Still, it's pretty poor to have not blogged at all for nearly 2 months.  

We are currently in a villa in Portugal on the south coast near Fusetta with our mates Lari and Rob.  The villa is in the middle of nowhere.  We have no mobile phone service.  Luckily the house has a great computer with internet access and this will be my best opportunity to blog about our holiday so far.

In a nutshell... the flight over wasn't as bad as we'd anticipated but it was still quite challenging with Beth and her usual 2 year old activity levels.  The night stopover in Japan was brilliant and helped us recharge for the second leg.  It's been wonderful catching up with family and meeting Phoebe (Amy and James' little girl) for the first time.  Everyone thinks Beth and Barney are delightful and they've been really good most of the time. We've travelled to Manchester, the Lake District, Edinburgh, Durham, Bakewell, CenterParcs at Longleat, Bristol and now Portugal in the past month.  Christmas in Brentwood with all of Tom's family was lovely although we all got the norovirus that's sweeping around England so we each had a crook day.  We've caught up with most, but not all, of our friends over here, met lots of new bubs and heard great news about more on the way.  And believe it or not, we've managed to unwind, relax and enjoy our time away even though it's been busy too.  

So more to come and photos to post but that's it for now. I need to go outside the villa and catch the last rays of lovely sunshine that we've been enjoying all day.  

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Sara said...

I'm so glad you haven't blogged in two months, because it's been about that long since I've checked, and now I haven't missed anything! Glad to hear you're having a nice holiday.