Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beth and her "breast pads"

Beth's curiosity knows no bounds and she wants to know what everything is all the time. "Mummy whaz that?" would be one of her most common questions. At some time in the past she must have found out that I wear breast pads to help with leakage when breastfeeding. Naturally, she wanted to have some of her own to look at but I don't remember her ever wanting to wear them. Anyway, she found some muffin cake paper liners in the pantry and started playing with them. Then she came up to me holding one and said "here Mummy, here's a breast pad for you". "Thanks Beth", I said. "You're welcome" was her response. Since then these muffin liners have been "breast pads" to Beth and come in handy for putting stickers on, drawing on, or just lining up all over the kitchen floor.

After Easter up at Avoca we had our usual mess of unpacking in the hallway upstairs and so Beth was rummaging through it and being quietly industrious while Tom and I were running her bath. She came into the bathroom holding her green gumboot in her hand. "What's in there Beth", asked Tom. "I've got breastpads in my gumboot Daddy" she said. "Now that's a sentence that's probably never been said before" was Tom's response. I think he's right on that one.


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Sara said...

Michelle, she's so cute. Don't you love the little things they say? I've just read through the last few entries that I have missed. I can't believe Barney is so old already. It must be hard to leave him, but your kids are so well-adjusted.