Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things that wrench your heart

Barnaby started at Daycare on Monday 31st March. He's going one day a week and is in the same room as Beth which I'm really glad about. But it was a really tough decision to make about him starting when we got the call a couple of weeks ago. If he was just a couple of months older it would have been an easier decision, especially once he started crawling. But... he's just a little 7 month old baby (our baby!) who can only just sit up on his own and gets around by rolling everywhere. I shed quite a few tears on Sunday night despite having a week or so to emotionally process this transition. I guess it means to me that I'll never have Barnaby with me 24/7 again. We're both moving on from that - but are either of us ready for it?

Well, Barney had a great first day and the staff are enamoured with him. He gives them a huge smile whenever we walk in the door to drop off Beth. It's good that he's been seeing this place twice a week ever since he was born because of her. I don't think it even registered to him to feel sad that I had left him there with Beth - he was just interested in watching everything going on around him. So he's fine, Beth's fine, Tom's fine and I am too (mostly). But it does tug at the heart strings a bit (at times a lot). How must it be when kids start kindy five days a week?

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