Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby's growing up

It's amazing how much can change in a month. Around end Jan when Barnaby was just 5 months old I tried him with rice cereal for the first time. His response was far from encouraging - face pulling, hands trying to bat the food away, crying etc. Too early... he's not ready. So I just tried every few days or so but didn't stress if he didn't have any. Barney started to get the whole swallowing thing but not the mouth opening part. Then at the beginning of March, when I was at my sister's minding Alex and Annabel, Barnaby started opening his mouth as the spoon with food came toward him... hallelujah! Yep, he's got it! Since then Barney has quickly progressed to 3 meals a day and eats everything! Hurrah. He had cous cous with mashed sweet potato and natural yoghurt for dinner tonight and couldn't get enough of it. He then had 2/3 of a mashed banana for dessert and would have had more if I'd offered it.

We were up at Avoca last weekend and Barnaby slept through the night until 8am - yey again. This week I've offered him water in a bottle rather than milk if he's woken in the night and he's settled back to sleep again until 8-ish. Hopefully in a few more days he'll wake up, cry a little and then settle himself back to sleep (just like Beth learned to do). So I'm hopeful we're about to get uninterrupted nights back again.

Barney is now 8.3kgs and 68cms long. He's really chubbing up, especially in the legs, since he got into solids fully. Up at Avoca on Sunday morning he was up on all fours rocking which is fantastic. I think he'll be on the move fairly soon.

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