Monday, August 4, 2008

Coming up for air

It's been a huge few months. For details.... see Tom's blog. In short, end April - we are burgled. Barnaby and I arrive home whilst burglary is still in progress but thankfully we are unaware and blissfully feed away in Barnaby's room whilst burglars make a quick escape with all my jewellery (sigh) but nothing else. B-boy also gets a rotten double ear infection from a nasty cold that same week- bless. I joke that I'm waiting for the third bad thing to happen to friends a few days later. Unfortunately, in this case the third event is worse than any of us could imagine. Our darling Barnaby scalds himself with boiling water all down his chest at daycare the following Monday (5th May). May is a blur of distress, bandages, hospital visits and limbo to see how Barnaby is healing. The lowest point was finding out Barney needed skin grafts on some of the burns in order for them to heal properly. The high points were watching him smile (mostly) throughout his ordeal and the wonderment of how well kids recover from serious injuries. B-boy went from being unable to crawl, due to the burns hurting and being in a splint, to crawling and cruising a few weeks later. Now, three months on his burn scar is healing well and we're in a good routine for his care which is fairly intensive. His next hospital appointment is tomorrow so more on that as it comes. We just had over three weeks in England visiting Tom's family in July which was brilliant. It was just the break we all needed and wonderful time to spend together with all the family. We're now over the jet lag and getting back to some normality in our lives, albeit with quite a few changes for all of us. So, hopefully I'll get around to putting some photos up of our trip (otherwise checkout the flickr link). And the plan is to get back to posting a few times a week about the kids and their doings.

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Sara said...

Michelle, I didn't have any idea you went to England in July. I'm glad that Barney's injuries allowed for travel. It must have been a nice break.