Saturday, August 23, 2008

The age of innocence

Beth amazes and amuses me with her ever-increasing language skills. I want to share a few cute sayings she has. She has a tendency to mimic what I say but with a twist which produces interesting dialogue.
"I'm warning you Mummy!". Used by Beth when she wants me to do something or she's getting frustrated. This is based on me counting Beth out for time-out and telling her, "Beth, this is your last warning". "Barnaby, that's naughty. Go to your bedroom for five minutes!". As above.
"Hello Barney darling", "Hello sweetie", "Aw, what's the matter?", "I don't know what's wrong", "Well done Mummy", "Good job Barnaby!" etc. etc. All mimicked from me but just melt my heart when I hear it in her sweet voice.
"Thank you for a lovely day", "I have had a lovely time", "I had such a lovely time at swimming Mummy". Do you feel like you're reading an Enid Blyton novel?
And here are some peculiarities that at some stage probably started with me, Tom or daycare but which now it seems Beth has made her own:
"What on earth are we doing here?". Stated when she was building a tower with blocks today.
"I want to build a harbour bridge and make them dance". Stated today when she was decorating toilet rolls with stickers and coloured paper.

I'm also trying to teach Beth the alphabet. We have a book she loves where each letter has two pictures for it - one folds out to reveal the other picture. She was going very well with the early letters... Mummy: "A is for ...." Beth: "Apple", Mummy: "And A is for ...", Beth: (whilst folding the picture out), "Angel" etc. etc. But the pictures probably get more ambiguous and the letters harder toward the end. So by V we had, Mummy: "V is for ..." Beth: "Mmm, what's that?", Mummy: "It's a volcano, V is for volcano", Beth: "I don't like that", Mummy affirms she doesn't either, then Mummy: "and V is for ...", Beth: "Flowers!", Mummy: "No darling V is for vase". But there were flowers in the vase. Mummy: "Y is for ...", Beth: "Fried egg!", Beth still loves her fried egg, Mummy: "well the yellow bit is called yolk, Y is for yolk", Beth: "Fried egg!" she says pointing at the picture. Well, she's got a point. So we move on, Mummy: "And Y is for ...", Beth: "orange!", I guess the yellow paint does look a bit orange. I'm giggling by this point and just trying to finish up. Bless her. Queen of the spelling bee, perhaps not?

Finally, the time of the eternal "why" has now arrived. Today Beth has questioned everything. I get the usual, "Mummy, what are you doing?" at least 20 times a day. But she's adding more to her repertoire, "Mummy, why is Daddy at work?", "Why is it Saturday?", "Why are we going to grandma's?", "What is Maddison (our 2yo neighbour) doing?", "What's this?" and "Where are you going?". "What is that man doing?", she asks as we're driving to Galston. I haven't even seen the guy and tell her that. "But what is he doing?" she demands. !! At least she thinks I'm omniscient.

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Sara said...

Michelle, I love it! She is so adorable. I can just imagine her debating the logic of the alphabet book.