Sunday, September 16, 2007

What to do?

Being on maternity leave with a newborn who sleeps a lot must be great for shopaholics. You could spend the whole day at the shops, trying on clothes, browsing, eating, wandering etc. etc. There's now great parent rooms for when the baby wakes and wants a feed and then you settle them to sleep again in the pram to the sound of other shoppers and the calming rock of the pram as you wheel it round. Too easy.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to muster up much enthusiasm about shopping. In fact, I find it rather soul destroying and my maximum time limit to be at the shops before my head turns to jelly is about 2 hours. We have a great shopping centre about 5 minutes drive from our place. I went there today with Barney (Beth's in daycare) in order to get a few bits and bobs. It didn't take long before I was sick of the crowds, sick of always seeming to be in other people's way and trying to manoeuvre an unwieldy pram around and sick of people trying to sell me something I don't want.

So we've escaped back home. Barney's in bed asleep and I've taken refuge in some fine Lindt (70%) chocolate. I feel comforted but perplexed. What are some stroller friendly activities I might be able to do while Barney's little? I could do some walking using the Baby Bjorn... it was too windy for that today and I'm worried about our hot Aussie sun on the good days. I need to find some shady walks/gardens. Will get on to that pronto to try to avert turning into a thesis-procrastinating couch potato. I really want to look after myself and get fit now that Barney's born. I tended to comfort eat after Beth was born, especially with all the problems we had with breastfeeding. And I managed to watch all 7 series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Beth's first 3 months of life. So that's what I'm up against. One more piece of chocolate and then I'll put it away..... oh dear, my reformation is not looking good.


Sara said...

Michelle, I took a good look at the side profile of my belly a couple of weeks ago and decided that was it - no more desserts. It's going on 12 days with no brownies, ice cream, trifle, chocolate, cookies, lollies or doughnuts (yes, I've been offered them all).

When I reach my goal I'm going to celebrate with a big block of chocolate - and maybe some pavlova...

Liesa said...

I saw your blog on Sara's blog favourites and wanted to give you a big congratulations. I hope you don't mind that I've read all your news. You seem to be coping really well. It's always lovely too when you get one of each sex, well done. It was a feat we could never manage! Boys are beautiful though, and I have to agree with Sara's comments that he is gorgeous. Good luck and I hope he continues to be a great sleeper. Liesa x