Thursday, September 6, 2007

All right, he can stay

Barney has given us the gift of two nights in a row of good sleep. Last night he fed at midnight (a long-ish feed though) and didn't wake for his next feed until 5.40am! It was wonderful. So we've officially welcomed our little boy into the clan and won't be taking up the 30 day return, no questions asked option.

We'd forgotten how many nappies you have to change in a newborn. About ten minutes after you have changed the last one, Barney gets a wistful look in his eye before we hear the tell-tale squirt of another poo that needs changing. At least the smell is ok.

Beth is as cute as ever and adjusting remarkably well to life as big sister. She's interested in Barney and likes to be around him but hasn't tried to whack him yet. Last night she was asking for "pink yoghurt" (strawberry yoghurt) after she finished dinner. We told her we didn't have any; it was "all gone". She replied, "pink yoghurt lost". I love how her mind works.

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