Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another marathon

We had another night of frantic feeding on Barney's part. I'm hoping that's done the trick for my milk supply to be matching what the little fella wants now. By 6.30am I started to feel like I was a tad crazy with the need for sleep and thankfully Barney decided he was ready to slumber too. Just as he was blissfully settled in our room at ten to 7, a horrendous motor sound began outside. I looked out our window and some tradesman had just arrived next door and was running this contraption. That tipped me over the edge. I began to laugh hysterically and begged Tom to go out and stab the man. Luckily Tom had slept all night and remained level-headed telling me he thought doing that might stuff up his paternity leave. Got to sleep and am now sane again - sort of.

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