Thursday, March 19, 2009

The way it is this Thursday....

I need to write down the adorable things beth and barney are doing before I completely forget them all... So here's a few that my addled brain can grasp for the mo.

Barnaby has been quite taken with different surfaces, especially hard surfaces, and he likes to stamp his feet on the tiles in our kitchen. He's started doing a little dance on the tiles when he's happy about something. This morning, just the sight of me making his breakfast got him performing his jolly jig - perhaps the fact that he'd been up for half an hour and not been fed had something to do with that.

Barney's main interests (in no particular order) are balls, throwing things like balls, kicking balls, hitting balls with toy golf clubs/hockey sticks, board books, remote controls, the large vanity mirror in the main bathroom which he hits, smears and chuckles at, chocolate (my fault), spades, digging, birds, dogs as long as they don't come too close, peekaboo, and Beth.

Of course there's loads more but it's too late at night to remember! He's on the verge of saying more than a few words and Beth and I spend a lot of our day saying the same word over and over to him. Our word today was BOOK and B2 managed to say the BOO part correctly but couldn't quite get the hard K at the end. I think his frustration at not being understood when he cries and points is spurring his language skills on. I'm glad too but it feels like the last part of him being a baby - ie. just babbling - is soon to be gone. Bittersweet moments really.

Beth is gorgeous as ever. She made "undie" beds for all her soft toys one night in her bedroom. these were made by slipping a book into a pair of undies, sliding the soft toy under the front of the undies and putting a pair of socks under it's head as a pillow. When I came into her room later in the night she'd made about ten of these beds - although she carefully explained to me that one was a singlet bed as the book was too large to fit over her undies. Bless!

Ok time for bed. We've got Barney's hospital appointment tomorrow and scuba diving up at Nelson Bay this weekend so I'm looking forward to posting again soon with news of both. x

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