Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good news

Friday was a good day. Our hopes that the doctors would be pleased with Barnaby's burn scar, and feel it was sufficiently healed to stop using the silicone and pressure suit, came true. Our son is free of that tightness around his torso after ten months of treatment. We are so thrilled. It's unusual for any person, baby or adult, to heal so quickly and be out of the pressure suit in under a year. So we are grateful that Barnaby's body has recovered so well. He's been particularly happy all week. I hadn't thought he could get any happier, but there it is. There's an outside chance the burn scar will worsen without the pressure suit so we need to keep an eye on it. Fingers crossed we can put the worst behind us. Neither tom or I will miss the suits and the rigmarole of getting Barney in and out of it. But I still get a bit teary at times when I speak about Barnaby's accident to others. I think that's part of my own journey and is to be expected. Sometimes it catches me off guard when I thought I could talk about it without getting emotional anymore. Perhaps I always will and that's ok. I'm just glad Barnaby is such a happy boy.

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