Thursday, October 18, 2007

So much to blog.... so little time

I'm home alone tonight (if you don't count two sleeping children upstairs) and a doco on Errol Flynn is starting in half an hour on the ABC which I'm keen to watch. So instead of working on my thesis - still got 6 weeks to write the damn thing - I thought I'd blog.

News on Barney:
- He's 7 weeks old today
- A week ago he weighed 5.1kgs (he's put on 1 1/2 kilos since birth which is fab), he's 57cms long (grown 6.5cms since birth) and his head circumference is 39cms (2cms more than at birth).
- He is perfectly in proportion being in the 75th percentile for the lot.
- He started smiling deliberately a couple of weeks ago and in the last week he's added goo's and ga's to make him perfectly adorable.
- His favourite occupation (obviously after guzzling loads of milk) is to lie on his baby gym and hit the little animals hanging above him at either hand and watch them swing. He's very good at it. Today we added a chime and mirror at both his feet and so he's a hand hitting, feet kicking whizz at the mo. Once I charge the video battery I'll get some footage of his marvels.
- We're enamoured with him. And who wouldn't be?

News on Beth:
- She started wearing undies about three weeks ago now and is pretty much clean and dry consistently throughout the day. She's in nappies overnight and at "quiet time". To be on the safe side we also put her in "pull-ups" if we're out for long stretches but try to encourage her to use the loo then too. We started off giving her special treats of a few bits of nutri-grain (a breakfast cereal) and have now progressed to stickers or stamps and one marshmallow at the end of the day. She's fantastic and we're really proud of her.
- Yesterday we went to the park and the shops with Beth on her bike and Barney in the baby bjorn. She steered really well the entire way. She needs to be re-directed to watch in front of her when there's cars, people, flowers or birds that take her interest. When I remind her, "Beth look ahead of you", she looks up above her which isn't much help. I've no idea where she learnt that "ahead" was up in the sky.
- She seems to be starting to get over her "bug" phobia now but still has hawk-eyes at spotting moths, spiders, flies etc. in our house. With Summer coming we've got a lot of them in here. Don't worry, nothing poisonous (we don't think).
- She's a singing, dancing, happy girl which I will also try to catch on video. I need to set it up so she isn't aware or else she'll want to come behind the camera and watch the screen.

General news:
- We're all at various stages of the same cold. Tom and Beth are nearly over it and I think Barney and I are just getting it. Hopefully it won't affect Barney too badly - Beth didn't get a cold till she was over 6 months old so we never had any early worries on this score.
- I will finish my thesis before we fly to England on December 12th (my real deadline is November 30th) no matter what. It's my new mantra to replace, "Breastfeeding will get easier". Which, btw, is pretty good now.
- Tom's busier at work and enjoying it more than I've ever known him to. I'm really proud of him and glad he's moved to main campus for Sydney Uni.
- My folks are in China for three weeks.
- The Aussie federal election is on November 24th; yes it is more than time for a change!
- My show's about to start... bye for now.


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