Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Beach Babes

Beth seems to be taking after me in a couple of respects. Firstly, she's left-handed (hooray for lefties!). Despite our parents both being right-handed, my sisters Janine and Karen and I are all left-handed. Funny eh? And Beth is following suit. Apparently handedness is related to hormones whilst bub is in-utero. So it will be interesting to see what Barney is.

The second trait that Beth has definitely not inherited from Tom is her love of the beach. We spend the October Long Weekend up at Avoca Beach and Beth had a wonderful time playing in the sea and sand. She has stopped eating sand which I'm pleased about (nappy changing after these incidents were certainly gritty). The sea was pretty flat over the weekend so it was safe for Beth to get used to the shore and be close to the action without the risk of her being bowled-over by a huge wave. She loved it. She jumped in the waves and sang "ring-a-ring-o-roses" whilst holding my hands and spinning us round before she fell down into the water. She fetched water in her bucket countless times for her cousins Annabel and Alex whilst they built sandcastles. And she laughed her head off when grandpa held her hands and swung her over and into the water. A great time was had by all... except for Tom who only ventured to the beach on one morning for about an hour and grumbled the whole time about it. Poor Tom - he says he loves the sea but hates the sand. This is a problem when you have a beach house. My solution was to suggest we buy a yacht. If anyone has a spare quarter mill, we'll be sorted.

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Sara said...

It's the English, Michelle. My Mum hates beaches, too. In fact, I didn't like the beach until I met you, because it had always been such a drama going as a kid. Mum didn't want one speck of sand in the car afterwards, and she never seemed to enjoy herself much on the rare occasions we went. I guess that's what happens when your native beaches are all rocks.