Tuesday, August 21, 2007


22/8 - a date I quite like since it has my two favourite numbers in it. Pity baby doesn't want to be born today. Tom and I are truly ready to be parents again and experience natural labour for the first time. We've tried all the usual suspects for bringing on labour but the odd contraction just isn't going to cut it. I visited an acupuncturist this morning as recommended by a friend who told me it can help stimulate contractions. Unfortunately, I became faint and nauseous from the needles (or something) and so we had to stop before he could do any proper manipulations. God, I can't even get that right! So needless to say, I am feeling pretty "doom and gloom" right now. I should be working on thesis but motivation on that front is very low and blogging for the first time seems like a good diversion.

What we do know - baby will be born by hook or by crook by the 30th August. If we haven't gone into labour by then, it's likely to be another caesarian. So there's 8 days for my body (and bub) to kick things off themselves. C'mon baby, bring it on! OK. Time to get some chocolate from the shops and think positive labour thoughts.

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