Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Waiting is Nearly Over

It's Tuesday night and Tom and I have just arrived home after stuffing ourselves on delicious Italian food at a local restaurant. Beth's tucked up at Grandma and Grandpa's and will be staying there for a couple of days. We watched the lunar eclipse at various stages - amazing!

And now we know our baby will be born in the next 24 hours. The hospital has booked us in from tomorrow morning in order to break my waters and get the party happening. Everything crossed - this will be enough for me to keep labour going and have a natural delivery. If not - they'll let us try until about 2pm and if I'm not progressing... on to C-section as final plan. Tom's really excited which is great as I need him to help me stay positive and on-track with everything going well the natural way.

We can't wait to find out what sex our baby is - is it a Barnaby Edward or a Molly Grace? And holding a newborn bub again in our arms will be wonderful. It's worth the 9 months of pregnancy and the delivery (whichever way that happens) one hundred times over. We've been so happy as a family with Beth and hope that our new addition will make the future even better.

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Heather M said...

Hi Michelle, hope everything goes ok for you and bub, we're all thinking of you Tom and Beth, can't wait for pics of Barnaby/Molly. Heather x